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Take back  your lake

Custom Bubbler Containment System

Bubbler Buddy™ is a floating barrier system that helps prevent the negative effects of bubblers.  It is securely anchored and creates a visual and physical perimeter around your dock, keeping open water dockside and allowing ice to form lakeside. Bubbler Buddy protects your investment while allowing you, your family and your neighbours to enjoy your lake in the winter season again.

Protect your dock.

Bubbler Buddy allows your bubbler to protect your investment, without the negative side effects of bubblers.  The largest growing concern on our Winter lakes are the large sections of free-floating lake ice caused by multiple uncontained bubblers along a shoreline.  Moved by current and wind, these sections can cause extensive damage to docks.  Widespread use of Bubbler Buddies will prevent this effect.

Comply with criminal code

Homeowners have a legal responsibility to maintain safety for themselves and others where there is man made open water. Bubbler Buddy creates a visual and physical perimeter keeping the open water contained.  View your duty to safeguard opening in ice here – Criminal Code of Canada.

safe lake access for you

Bubbler Buddy provides safe Winter access to your lake or island property by containing open water inside of the Bubbler Buddy, while allowing natural freezing conditions on the outside.  Whether for work or play, you can now access the lake without the added worries created by bubblers.

Bubbler Inspection Crew

Our Bubbler Buddy Installation and Inspection Crew is available to take care of installation, regular inspections, removal, and storage of your Bubbler Buddy.  Let us take the worry out of your waterfront this Winter.

Let’s All work together

By working together we can bring back the safety and enjoyment of the lakes in the Winter. Bubbler Buddy is committed to helping the property owner show due diligence while also protecting their investment.  For more information on the bubbler problem please see the Muskoka Ratepayers Association website.

Product Specs

 anti microbial PVC membrane





This cold weather is finally making some OK ice...but we @bubblerbuddy are always making safe ice around bubbled boathouses...here is a perfect set up at a lake Muskoka cottage... #lakemuskoka #bubblerbuddy #takebackyourlake #safeice #muskokawinter #icefishingmuskoka ...

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One of our Bubbler Buddy Island properties on Lake Rosseau...finishing off the ice season just perfect. A Late call for our services here, we saved the day on this one as we arrived first sign of ice expansion this year...We were able to set up our Bubbler Buddy, cut in all the bubblers and fully set them up. With our monitoring program this boathouse was saved and enjoyed a peace of mind damage free winter. #LakeRosseau #BubblerBuddy #TakeBackOurLakes #StopTheBubblerProblems ...

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#BubblerBuddy inspections...checking ice conditions and tweaking our systems. #LakeMuskoka #TakeBackOurLakes #StopTheBubblerProblems ...

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A #BubblerBuddy system in stormy winter action.. #takebackourlakes #takebackyourlake #stopthebubblerproblems #muskokalakes ...

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